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Matej Bačo

Open-minded website developer.

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Skills Portfolio

I prepare modern websites from the first line of a code. My full-stack development consist of the best-rated technologies.

Angular icon
AngularAngular is an application design framework and development platform for creating efficient and sophisticated single-page apps.
Tailwind CSS icon
TailwindTailwind is a utility-first CSS framework packed with complex classes that can be composed to rapidly build modern websites.
TransferWise icon
Localization (i18n)i18n is a lightweight simple internationalization framework written in Javascript that helps developers translate both frontend and backend into any language while supporting ICU and date-i18n.
Node.js icon
Node.JSNode.js is a JavaScript runtime running on the backend to help developer create a fast, secure and scalable backend.
OpenAPI Initiative icon
Open APIThe OpenAPI Specification defines a standard, language-agnostic interface to RESTful APIs which allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of the service without access to source code or documentation
PostgreSQL icon
Typed KnexA TypeScript wrapper for SQL query builder designed to be flexible, portable, and fun to use.

Coding skills:




Language skills:


Successful Projects

With more than 20 finished projects, I am a strong developer ready to bring my skill set into every project.


Online candidate pre-selection SaaS.

Dream Land

Minecraft server website presentation.


Professional portfolio for a Twitch content creator.

Uni-Craft World

Minecraft server website presentation.

REN Slovakia

E-commerce solution for a Slovakia startup.

Code Ink

Presentation website for a software studio.

Gallactic Mini

Presentation website for a Minecraft server.

Kellwiin Blog

Personalized blog solution for a content creator.


Professional portfolio for a Twitch content creator.

Kellwiin Event

Database solution for an in-game event analytics including results interface.

Matej Bačo

My own old presentation website.

TUKE Website

University website to serve studying materials.

Michael Boroš

Presentation website for photographer.

Client Reviews

Here's what some companies I worked with have to say about my work.

Branislav 'Čivo' Kovačovic CEO

Cooperation with Matej was without the slightest complications. Solution Matej prepared for us made our website really unique.

Denis Sedlák CEO

Cooperation with Matej was very professional, punctual and with a high-quality level. He is not only coder but also business thinker and I am sure you will be satisfied with his work.

David 'Kellwiin' Helikar content creator

Well done job in short peroid of time. Interaction with client was wihout any problem, developer was able to satisfy all my needs. I am really happy about active updates he is able to do. I would love to use your services again in future.

Pablo 'Hyper' Sanchez

RealmsMP Owner

Matej is my go to dev. He is very informative and helpful when it comes to explaining what he is doing and why. I appreciate how thorough and diligent he is with his code and work in general. He has coded many plugins for me and I do not like working with anybody else, specially after having been spoiled by his great work. Matej works hard and tracks all his hours worked very carefully. He constantly updates me throughout the day. I would highly recommend his services to anybody looking for any type of coding work/projects.


EGM Admin team leader

Very good, fast, and professional service. Quick responses and great patience lead to an awesome experience.

Wake Owner

Overall, great job! Plugins are well made and I must say, Matej is really good with GUI menus in Minecraft development.

Contact me

Contact me if you have a project request. I promise, I'll put my heart into it.


Phone number: +421 919 178 798

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